Mac OS X Leopard iDeneb 10.5.8 @HP dv4

The Leopard 10.5.8 runs on Intel as well on my HP dv4, after a while rebooting the system, I got a one stable version running on a partition of my computer. Well, many people ask me some times, how you do it? it’s easy to do? It’s possible if you have hope until the end.

My heart breaks after each reboot, like kernel panic, caused by imcompatible loaded modules and other stuff.

What’s working ?

  1. Resolution 1280x800x32 (no quartz extreme support)
  2. Wifi 99% working (hardware activation isn’t working)
  3. Brcm4322 patch fix (bcm43xx enabler)
  4. Ethernet 100% working Realtek RTL8101E/RTL8102E.
  5. Seatbealt.kext patched (dmg auto mounter, resulting on seg fault)
  6. ApplePS2Controller.kext patched (keyboard conflict causing seg fault on Voodoo Kernel)

What’s not working and where i’m hard working on?

  1. Sound HDA Intel
  2. Firewire
  3. ACPI kext fix
  4. USB Controllers

Mac OS X is a great operating system from Apple.

I posted some links that helped me when i’ve cried some nights and I think that it can help you too!

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