Yandex Instant just type and scroll down

You know Yandex? Yandex is a Russian IT company which operates the largest search engine in Russia (with 64% market share, ranked eighth-largest in the world) and develops a number of Internet-based services and products. The company’s mission is to give answers to users’ questions (Font: Wikipedia).

Feross Aboukhadijeh developed YouTube Instant, based on the Google Instant, well it’s a good thing. I think, if he can I can too. And a few days ago, I worked on a first version of Yandex Instant, developing the first version in 30 minutes.

Yandex Instant idea is: Just type and scroll down to feeling good with your results quickly.

Many people liked so much the application, and now I implemented Cache Engine, Yandex Suggestions and Website Share Options when hover the results.

I promise that i will bring good news in a few days.

The URL is: – Share with your friends and follow our twitter on @yandexinstant

Thank you!